Most fleet owners will go their entire career never mentioning the words “Hail Damage”. For the select few, the day it happens can be one of many questions. Most will run to the file cabinet, and pull out the dusty insurance policy, then try to interpret what is covered. This will be followed by a call to the insurance provider for further questions.

The question is not if the fleet is covered, how the fleet is covered, or the deductible amount. The question is how will the vehicles be written for the repair by the insurance appraisers? Will the appraisers write them for paintless dent removal or for conventional body repair? Or both? This decision is the one that determines the financial outcome of the hail event. It’s the most important procedure to get in front of. We are fully willing to advocate on your behalf to make sure the proper damage appraisal is completed.



Our Estimating process typically covers 3-4 days of on-site work one day to prepare a report. During this time, you will see our estimating team on your property inspecting each and every vehicle. It is a very in-depth, thorough review of the damage. This step is what will allow our estimating team to get an overall assessment of the damage. We will provide a printed report to be compared with the insurance assessment.



Operating an auto body repair facility during a major hail storm can be a very difficult task. When your DRP programs are pushing assignments to you on an hourly basis, customers are pulling in every 5 minutes for hail estimates and the phone won’t stop ringing! Without additional staff this scenario can quickly overwhelm even to most well-organized office. 

Our management program was specifically designed for this scenario. Not only do we provide the repair technicians but we also offer full management programs. Total Collision & PDR can facilitate and manage the entire estimate process, process all of the supplements, meet with the adjusters, order the parts and follow up with the collection process. We can even deliver the cars to the customer when they are  finished!